Publication: Examiner
Joseph Airdo
Grave Encounters 2” is a rare sequel that is actually better than its original. The Vicious Brothers have stepped up the scares and given director John Poliquin the material he needed to take viewers on a terrifying found-footage roller-coaster ride.“

Publication: Dread Central
Ian McCall
“At the helm is John Poliquin, and he takes the events of the first film and builds upon them in the most clever of ways. Poliquin’s direction is beyond spot on, and he and the Vicious Brothers collectively managed to deliver an almost perfect sequel to Grave Encounters. [The film] delivers a sick, intense, and scary white-knuckled spookshow that reveres the groundwork set up by the original and expands upon it on every level. You really can’t ask for more in a sequel than that.”

Publication: Edge Boston
Kevin Taft
“Poliquin is a director to watch. Kudos for the filmmakers for trying something different and... succeeding.”

Publication: Liberal Dead
James P. Harris
“The director can really get a performance out of a camera. Poliquin, took the best of what he saw in the use of the camera as the narrator in the original film and spliced it with some of thecommon elements being used in substandard found footage films. In a way, he creates an environment where we become aware of thecamera. Yes, I am watching a movie, but I still find it frightening even though I am not hypnotized by it. I sympathize with the camera.”

Publication: Lightning Bug’s Lair
Zachary Kelley
“Director John Poliquin managed to amp up nearly every aspect of the action across the board. The characters are more real and fleshed out, the special effects are bigger and scarier, and the story expands on the original’s premise byadding in enough new to keep a sequel watcher happy.”

Publication: Horrorphilia 
David Anders
“Grave Encounters 2 does exactly what you want a sequel to do, expanding on the mythology of the original without rehashing what we already saw. There are a few repeated scares brought back from the original, but this time around they are bigger and better.”